Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

It's been one thing or another, and now I'm about to walk out the door, so I guess this will be brief.

Owen's finger continues to heal, about a week or so left of splinting it, I'm worried though about once we stop, is that it? Do we just let him go back out there and go forth, and then worry about the next injury??

Gosh, 3 boys.. gotta love them!

Casey continues on his quest to get to visit Auntie Jill and Uncle Steve and the girls this summer. Grandma has promised him a ticket, but he has to maintain his A/B grade status.
I can see the pressure building in the kids eyes... we keep telling him to act like we were standing there and what would we say about what he's about to do??

Spencer continues to be Spencer, he's so cute, funny, witty, silly, charming and adorable, I just want to eat him!

I'm off to help James look for a laptop, heaven help me! The man can barley type, it's like getting a cat to bark! Ah, technology Gods, have pity on him and help him on his quest to become computer savvy!!

Ta for now..

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Big Cheese

This is what has come of my life, 3 young boys, and well, you can imagine the silly jokes that come out of the 3 of them.

This is one such funny story, it's short.. not so sweet though!

We were sitting down to dinner on Saturday night. My mom had come over for dinner before taking Casey to spend the night with her.

As Owen walks past me to get to his seat, he, well, he lets one go... (the kid is tooting all the time, it's kinda funny how gassy he can be..)

As he does it, and Thing One and Thing Three hear it, the laughs and giggles start.

Casey pipes in with "He cut the cheese!!".. Spencer adds, completely dead on..

wait for it..

"No, he cut the cheese in Half!".

We all about died laughing, it was so Spencer that he said it..

Too funny!