Tuesday, May 26, 2009

End of May..

So I haven't been here in a while.. busy busy with everything going 100 mph every day!

Now summer's just about here, although this is South Texas, it's summer here in April if you go by the heat!

Casey finishes up 2nd grade next week, then summer camp, and then a week at sleep away camp in August. His first time. I hope he'll do ok. He can be such a noodle!

So, my big news is that in 6 days I'll be having gastric bypass surgery. It's been a long time coming, have thought about it for a while now, and now the ducks are all in a row, and I'm just about there.
I think I'll handle the operation itself well, I've had numerous laparoscopic surgeries, so I'm not afraid of that. I worry about post op, getting used to a new schedule and routine. Totally do-able, but change is change and it can be difficult even in the best of circumstances.

I've been doing the pre-op diet for 2 weeks now, lost 15 lbs and feel good. 6 days to go.

I'm having these weird out of body surreal experiences lately. I was in HEB the other day, and started realizing that soon people will be looking at me for me, not my back end.. wow, she's tall, that's me..

I'm hopeful that I'll do well, and excited about the changes to come.

Boys are well, Owen lost his first tooth this weekend, have no idea where it went to.. he didn't even notice it was gone! He's lisping a bit now!

More later...

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