Monday, September 14, 2009

Time flies

Well, summer is nearly over, well, the vacation part is over, the heat remains!

Kids are all back in school now, Casey's in 3rd grade and Owen and Spencer are now officially in kinder! Both are doing really well, none of the hysterical drama we envisioned for either of them. If I had had to of guessed, I'd of said the trouble would have been with Spencer, but he has done great.

He and Casey love buying their lunch, where as Owen is steadfastly dedicated to his ham and cheese we make for him every day!

We've been making the rounds lately, trying to get in some fun family adventures in, we've been swimming a few times, and yesterday we ventured to Fun Trackers. We will never go again if we can help it! Very low budget, and way over priced for what we did... live and learn, right??

As for me, I had the surgery, and have done very well. Lost a total of 73 lbs so far, and feeling really good. It took a bit to get on course, but now I feel great and am so glad I did it!!

Wil try to post some pics..

We'll see!

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