Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Already..

Well, it's been a while since I've written anything, but somehow I've remembered my address here, and here I am.

Christmas is a week away, and as usual I'm not nearly ready.

It will be a small one this year, actually, I like the small ones, less pressure to perform!

The boys are gearing up for Santa, and I'm holding Santa over their head every chance I can!

Bribery, Catholic guilt and Fear of God are the ways I operate. Hey, go with what you know, right?

My sister Jill and her husband and 2 daughters are arriving today. It should be a busy week or so.

My mom leaves the day after Christmas for 10 days in the Holy Land. I know she's excited. She is going with a priest friend of hers, and I know she is looking forward to going someplace new, and meeting new people. I'll be interested to see the pictures she comes back with!

I guess above all of the recent stuff, the news is that I'm working now.
I got a job in August with a company that makes and manufactures mechanical seals, industrial packing and technical products. I knew nothing of anything when I started, and while I don't know much now, I do know more than I did when I started. I've met lots of nice people and the hours are good.

Have to go..

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