Saturday, December 20, 2008

No.. all 5 are not mine!


A full day with 5 kids, 4 of whom are under 5.. that spells exhaustion!

My mom and I spent the day entertaining the kids.. I felt like the scene from the movie "Bye Bye Love".. it starts out with the song "Rawhide" playing and the divorced dads are taking their kids all over town to keep them entertained. By the end the song has slowed down to wharbling, and everyone is dragging. I know I am!

Thank God for bedtime!

We went to see Santa at the Spohn South, got to see Molly and Olivia freak at the sight of Santa.. then listen to Casey tell me Santa was a fake because he saw him changing in the bathroom. I tried to tell him that Santa doesn't wear his get up all the time, but the kid knows.

I was asked by 3 people if all 5 were mine. NO!
Do I look that insane??

Everyone was pretty well behaved, so we were feeling confident!

Lunch was a standard issue affair at McDonalds.. Spencer wearing his ketchup on his shirt, and Molly eating her's right out of the cup.

Another parent asking if all 5 were mine. No, dammit!

Then the girls got hair cuts, and then we went to the park to wrap up the afternoon.

A very nice mom at the park who asked me if all 5 were mine.. I said no, just the boys.. she said she thought that Owen and Spencer must be twins.. that shocked me.. no one has thought that outloud in at least 2 years!

Then home, dinner, play, and then bath and now thankfully bed.

When will these kids actually listen? I just don't know.
So tired of asking them to do something and being totally ignored. I'm told that this will pass, but I don't think so.

I'm going to die listening to Owen whine that Spencer called him a butthead. And then have to yell at Casey for putting Spencer into a head lock. WHEN WILL IT END?????

Ok, off to bed soon..
More random thoughts sometime soon!

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