Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas week

Oh my Gosh, it's cold today!

My fingers are blue!

So we survived the busy weekend with 5 kids, and now it's back to work for some peace and quiet.

The twins are safely tucked away at school today, Casey is at home driving James NUTS!, and I'm looking forward to dinner out tonight with my mom and Jill.

3 1/2 days til Santa... will the kids make it??? I hope so, they are busting at the seams.

James and I got to listen to the boys ask us about 50 times if Molly and Bolivia.. poor Olivia, she'll always be Bolivia to us now!. if they could sleep over, see them, be their sisters.. basically see them everyday for the rest of their lives.

I'm so glad that they all like each other. The girls really look up to the boys. I keep telling Casey it's a good thing to be a leader and a teacher.

Ok, back to work now. Now I have to keep this updated somewhat, I've put the address for all the world to see!

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