Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's a terrific day!

So today is James and I's 20th wedding anniversary.

I feel like we've been together forever, but still feels like we've been married about 10 minutes. The years have gone by so fast.

It's a terrific day. Blue skies, cool temps, and for a moment, I'm believing all is right in the world.

Owen tried to put a kibosh on my good mood this morning with his lately usual morning melt down, but I told him to can it, he wasn't going to rain on my parade! (why does a 4 year old care what he wears?? He's a boy.... not a supermodel!)..

So, so far it's a super day, I'm feeling good!

Wow, it is a real milestone, huh?

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DeAnn said...

Happy 20th Anniversary James & Monica!