Wednesday, January 14, 2009

starry nights

Casey got a telescope for Christmas from his uncle. The kid was so excited and couldn't wait to get out to look at the stars. He and his brothers tried numerous times to look during daylight hours and of course came away with nothing. It killed them to have a great new toy and not have it work. (along the lines of them waiting not patiently while we change batteries on the latest remote control car they might have... HURRY UP!!!!!!! I'm dying here, I've got playing to do lady!")..

I know they are calling me lady in their minds, you can just see the exasperation on their little faces.. "Hurry UP!! My needs are far too important for you to slow me down"..I know they are saying!

Back to Casey-Lay-O (get it, Casey and Galileo... ha ha!!).. (I'm trying here people!), and the telescope. The week or so after Christmas we had a strange run of very overcast nights, and due to that, there was no star gazing happening.

3 days ago he figured out how to lengthen the legs on the tripod it's attached to, so now he's walking around with a nearly 6 foot tall telescope that he obviously can't see through.

Last night after dinner he and his cohort brothers disappeared out back with the telescope.
I catch a glimpse of them on the deck and had to laugh.
Rather than shorten the legs, he's standing on the bench of the deck looking through the lens, telling Owen and Spencer what to look for.

I like CaseyLeyO in the role of teacher.. I think he likes it too. Now, if we could just get him to understand that the Milky Way is not just a candy bar!

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