Tuesday, January 6, 2009

He used a knife?

The whole conversation started after our dog died last spring.

Casey, aged 7 at the time, was asking James about the dogs they had growing up.
James, non-thinking adult that he can be, told him about one of his childhood dogs who unfortuantely developed a case of rabies.

(a side note, James grew up in what I like to call the boonies.. his dad grew up on a farm, so taking a animal to a vet would probably have never of happened. I'm not sure James knew vets existed until we got married and got a cat and started using their services!)

Anyway, he tells Casey that the dog, can't remember the dogs name, some variation on the hilly billy names of cooter, brownie, rusty, blackie, (what's next, orangie??)..

James finally gets to the point of telling Casey that due to the fact that the dog was sick, James' dad had to shoot the poor thing. I've heard this story before, and I tune out at that part.
This revelation of course sends Casey over the edge, can't believe that this stuff happens.

I say to him, that when an animal is put to sleep it's called being euthanized.

Here it comes... Casey looks at me and asks.. Dad's dad used a knife to kill him???

Had to laugh at that one. Still think about it now, makes me smile to think of the ways a kids mind works.


slssasmom said...

Okay, am I the dummy? I don't get why he thought it was a knife?

DeAnn said...

HA HA. It's so funny what connections kids make in trying to understand a new term. I'm still laughing!